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Monday, June 27, 2005

Balancing Responsibilities?

My exercise patterns of late have slowed down a lot. Some due to life changes (new job) and others just due to season changes, etc. With that I've felt a lot of pressure on myself to get moving again. I also recently read somewhere that type 1 diabetics are at 10 times greater risk for heart problems - hell, I thought it was only 6 times greater risk and I thought that was bad!!

I've got a family at home, a wonderful and beautiful wife and two great kids. My kids are 5 and 2, and at that age demand a lot of attention and energy. So where the heck do I find time to exercise? If I stay home and be with the family I feel like I'm neglecting my responsibility to exercise. If I go and exercise I feel like I'm neglecting my family responsibilities. There are some activities that can be done as a family, but the kids don't always appreciate being thrown into a stroller and carted around (plus, my 5 year old is getting BIG for a stroller). However, letting them just walk with me usually doesn't work - they stop and look at every spec of dirt, bug (dead or alive), leaf or any other piece of debris along the way. It takes 10 minutes to walk 10 feet!

Finding that balance is the key. Why is it so damn elusive?


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