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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Excellent Article by Amy Tenderich!

Our very own Amy Tenderich of recently crafted an absolutely excellent article on her column over at The article is titled:

Leadership 101a: Managing Your Care Team

This article goes into whether you appointments with your care team leave you feeling that it was helpful, or rather do you feel deflated and maybe even resentful. I'm often more on the deflated and resentful side of things, but this article goes into an approach that empowers you and can help you get more from the appointments.

One of the most striking paragraphs for me was this:

"The essential goal is to take a proactive, step-by-step approach to managing your diabetes –- rather than being constantly at war with yourself over all the things you “ought to” be doing. Viewing your diabetes as a battle will make you miserable and unmotivated. And you will hate your care team, because they’re part of the enemy front, imposing all this impossible stuff on you. "

A couple of very valid points in this paragraph. For one, I often feel that many of the issues are bigger than they really are. I make them out to be insurmountable giants of a problem, when they really are not. So to take a look at these and break them down into smaller manageable pieces, and attacking them step-by-step would be a much better approach. Rather than feeling like I need to tackle the issue all at once

The second point is that I often feel that I'm constantly at war with myself over all the things I "ought to" be doing. I wouldn't say I hate my care team, but there is most definitely some additional emotional baggage attached to my appointments.

Very good article.

Amy - Great Job!!! I encourage everyone to go and have a look. It's well worth the couple of minutes spent reading it.


Anonymous AmyT said...

Wow, Scott, thank you for such high praise! I have to say I still do feel resentful sometimes, just because they make it all sound so easy in the clinic.

But one additional thing that helped me was finding a CDE who also has diabetes herself. Finally, someone who REALLY gets it.

Great job sharing all your thoughts and concerns with the community.

Take care,

12:10 AM  
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