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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I shot myself in the foot - and not with a needle...

...or a gun for that matter. It's just a figure of speech.

I mentioned a little bit about how I planned on doing some better logging to help me with my therapy overhaul. I went out and found a daily planner/journal type of thing that I liked, and started my logging.

I have no idea if this picture will show up clear enough for anyone to see any details, but you can see that it was a very busy day for recording. I had a TON of things to record, partially because this day was a day that I play basketball over lunch (which means lots of extra testing and activity).

I had some problems early in the day because I made some bad food choices for breakfast AND had just changed my infusion set that morning. So I was running really high for a while. Playing basketball seemed to kick my BG back down to normal, and it was very manageable the rest of the day.

As the day went along, I kept on testing and recording, testing and recording, testing and recording. The day was awesome. My range (after the morning problems) was between 186 and 57. That is during a time span from 12:05 through 8:15, so basically all day. It was good.

I had dinner at about 8:15 that night. I diligently recorded my blood sugar and everything I ate. Then I ate it.

I got ready for bed and laid down around 10:30. I felt kind of yucky. All of a sudden it clicked. I tested my blood sugar and it was 300. Guess what I had forgotten to do when I ate dinner...

So how can I spend the entire day paying such close attention to every little thing, and completely forget to take my insulin at dinner?!

Maybe I paid too much attention to everything? It seems I got so completely wrapped up with recording everything that I missed something basic! There are also a couple other things that I'm taking into consideration too. I just got home from work. For me, that is a very tough transition. Going from a fairly orderly work environment to one where my kids are pulling me for my attention (which they should, and which I should give them!) - it can just get a little overwhelming sometimes. The other thing that happened is my low test of the day, 57, happened right then too. So, I was dealing with all that and a low that I was treating.

All in all, I really think I was too focused on trying to record every last little bit of information. Moving forward I will make sure I get the blood sugar tested, food calculated and bolus underway before I worry about the logging. I'm working to find the balance between obsessing over my new logbook and ensuring the basics are covered.

Stay tuned...


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